"NaCl - love bond" is web developed one leveled platformer made during 1-bit game jam revolving around theme 'Chemistry'. This game is based as one of the most common compound in chemistry and in daily life NaCl. In which molecule of Cl tries to get to her lover Na. This game is based on her journey to get Na molecule without losing her electrons by enemies.

The control scheme is as below:

For keyboard :

use LEFT and RIGHT buttons for MOVEMENT.
MOUSE or SPACE for selecting.

For gamepad:
use UP button for selecting and for JUMP.
use LEFT and RIGHT buttons for MOVEMENT.

*Don't forget game for game jam*

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Updated 5 days ago
Published 9 days ago
Tags1-bit, 2D, browser, chemistry, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, web

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Wow, the game's even more challenging now! fun though ^^ 

Thanks. I should have done that earlier. So, I wouldn't have got much bad ratings.

But anyway, game was worth it. I am happy most people are liking these updates

Speedrun time is 20 seconds. You can kinda sorta jump midair somehow when you go fast enough. Just get to any part where you're elevated and spam space and forward, you'll hit the wall at the end.

Yes, I sure will change many things after jam's voting period ends.

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Game has been updated now. Details are available in devlog

my best time is currently 2 minutes. Good job.

Thanks. I am happy I increased time and everyone is liking it. 

nice concept, but something with the movement is making it really hard to control, the movement feels really slippery and delayed, and the acceleration can suddenly go sonic or stop completely out of nowhere

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a advice would be to look at sample platformer projects' movement script and see how they did it

this video is amazing analysis of platformer games
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Yes, unfortunately. I am unable to edit my game during jam's voting period. But as I complete jam and voting period ends. I am definately going to give game a few updates.

Although I had doubts regarding control system. The video you shared helped me. You can follow and stay tuned to get updates of game.

Game has been updated now. Details in devlog.

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Aww this was pretty cool! The controls can be a lil difficult at first (like how you'll go very slowly after hitting the ground but can accelerate in the air) but once you get it it's a fun platforming experience! the ending is cute too x)

Also the music is nice I like it. It's not complicated but it goes well with the game's pace and it's not annoying even after a few deaths

Thank you. I am really grateful you liked each aspect of game and described it. I appreciate your efforts.

Game has been updated now. Details in devlog.