NaCl - love bond (1-Bit game jam)

Hello everyone. This is my first Devlog so, I am not sure how good it is.

So, this all started when I was bored and I came across game jam titled '1-Bit game jam'. I am new to game development and I didn't knew what 1-bit means, so, my curiosity got over me and I joined the game jam. To get idea of '1-bit' games, I joined Discord of jam. It all went well I got idea what 1-bit means. And the theme announced.

Game idea & theme announcement.
Theme announced few hours before game jam's start and I chose chemistry after seeing other themes. And I searched about 'Chemistry games' on, Google, Google Play Store. And I realized that there aren't many chemistry games. If you have played my  game. I tried my best to implement chemistry to my game. I tried to make my idea as close as possible to Chemistry. The idea took time to evolve for me, I got confused on should I just leave jam, change my theme. But, finally I got my idea.

Development of game.
Just after I got idea I realized, Jam is only 3 days and I have to get going. I wanted to do everything about my game indie from music to development. I planned everything within an hour, on first day I will do that and this and I will try to do that. But, nothing goes as expected, on first day, I got all my drawings and my character control(which is still buggy, But I am going to change and improve controls after voting period ends). I didn't know is my idea good or not, because I have never played or saw game with that idea. So, after I completed basic concept and core mechanics, I made it available for play test. I got reviews from everyone, and decided to stick to my idea. I designed level around it. Created and completed level. This took me time of 1 day, and I had only 2 or 1.5 day.

After I got onto music stage I realized I have no idea for music. My game was platformer so, I was going with normal platformer music I made, But it felt off my theme. It was a normal platformer music, but I wanted it to suit my theme. So, after brainstorming I went with another platformer which is still normal but it goes with my theme well.

It is not interesting.
Very less time was remaining before submission and I realized that graphics are plain and cliche. Very less time was remaining so, instantly I added particle system coded it. This gave feeling of kind of interesting graphics in my game. and it was time for submission.

This is not difficult stage I wrote control scheme, added screenshots, and submitted my game within time limit. The game is now available in browser. It is my browser game. This is my game

Engine and software I used.



Thank you for reading. Have a good day.


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I see that was quite the adventure! You did a good job though, I actually quite like the controls? It's just fun to go nyoom in the sky hahaha. Platformers usually don't move like this, so that's what stood out to me, a new way to move that was quite fun. Maybe rather than change the controls, you can adapt the game design to it (ie obstacles in the sky, or make it possible to bounce on a ceiling etc.)

Thanks for sharing your experience, it was an interesting read ^^

Yeah to think of it deeply. The problem with going Nyoom (this word actually sounds funny) is. You can pass entire game just by going nyoooomm for long time. 

While updating 1. I will add obstacles in sky so if you go nyoom you still lose. So nyoom will not be a pretty good option for player. 2. Chlorine/player can actually float on some things I will add those thing for player. 

Nyoooooommm !!!!!!!

I think obstacles you can avoid if you're good would work best then! This way you CAN try to fly, but you have to be good to do it... Good luck!